The term REALTOR® signifies competency, fairness, and integrity resulting from an adherence to an ideal of moral conduct in business relations. No inducement of profit and no instruction from clients can ever justify a departure from this ideal. These standards are set forth in the Code of Ethics.  The Code of Ethics holds REALTORS® to an even higher standard than state license law.

The Traverse Area Association of REALTORS® (TAAR) is responsible for enforcing the REALTOR Code of Ethics involving its TAAR Members. The Code of Ethics imposes duties above and in addition to those imposed by law or regulation which apply only to REALTOR members of the Association.

Many difficulties involving REALTORS® result from misunderstanding, miscommunication, or lack of adequate communication. If you have a problem with a REALTOR, you may want to speak with him/her or with a supervising broker in the firm. Open, constructive discussion often resolves questions or differences, eliminating the need for further action.

You can learn what steps to take to file an ethics complaint or request for arbitration in our guide.



Useful Dispute Resolution Resources: